Hi everybody!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far and enjoying the sunshine. Here’s a live version of “Big Eyes” that was shot at the beautiful St James Hall earlier this year when we released the album (see the ‘Music’ page to get your copy!). It features a rather sweaty and slightly-out-of-breath version of Jimmy but that’s how we keep it real! (hey, I work hard and this one was late in the set 😉

Huge thanks go to the fantastic crew at Syndicate Seven Films for shooting and editing- these boys are slick! Check them out here: http://syndicatesevenfilms.com/

I’ll keep this one short but just want to mention how much fun we all had working on this and how great it is to have this footage of the band- watch out for more!

Plans are in the works for another bigger, better show this fall with lots of new material- possibly a new look and sound for the band; and a new single to be released later this year. More on that to come.

Have fun and take care out there. Love yourselves and each other 🙂







VCC Success Story

I thought I’d include a link here to a ‘success story-type’ profile that VCC did about little ol’ me a couple of months back. I was honoured that they chose to feature me for one of these as I hold the program (which really means the faculty) there near and dear to my heart. I have many great memories of the time I spent there and it has played a major role in where I am today. In fact, I met every member of the band through VCC. 4 of us were even in school at the same time.

Now I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have to teach others and to bring more peace and positivity into the world through music education. I see it as an important and integral part of the role of a professional musician and I do my best to take responsibility and make honest and meaningful contributions to both the performing and education based sides of my life.

I plan to include more posts about music education and maybe even some video lessons here in the future so check back once in a while. If you have any questions regarding performing or music education feel free to forward them through the contact page. Maybe a suggestion for a video lesson?

Click here to read the full story.

Thanks everybody, until next time,


Being that this is my first blog post on my brand spankin’ new website, I feel like it ought to be a bit of introduction and a briefing as to what’s going on here. A couple of years ago I put a band together that included some of the best musicians I know. They also happen to be some of my best friends. We have way too much fun together (this is overwhelmingly evident in every performance we do). I kept writing songs, we kept having fun. After seeing a stripped down (trio) version of the band perform, my friend and mentor Stephen Fisk insisted that he record us. We got to work on an EP. We started having way too much fun. I got to work on some more songs and the EP became an album. Now, with the ‘Changing Time’ album complete, I shift my focus toward getting it out and into the hands- and mp3 players- of listeners. Official release dates are coming soon but look for digital availability early this summer and a physical release by late summer. I look forward to you getting your very own copy. As the great Reggie Watts might say, “if you like things that you enjoy, you may find this palatable.”

This album- my first as a leader and songwriter- feels like a long time coming. I’ve never been more excited and I feel strongly about the heart and soul that everyone involved in this project poured into it. That said, I’ve always been focused primarily on live performance (perhaps why it’s taken until now to release my first record as a bandleader). I am a performing musician. I live to be onstage with my guitar and a few friends taking chances and creating something special in the moment- a shared experience between performer and audience that dissolves any barrier between the two and leaves everyone in the room feeling like they were part of something. Please watch out for upcoming shows so you can see for yourself what we do- live!

In the meantime, here’s a little clip of us messing around on ‘Bury the Hatchet’ in the studio. Can’t wait to hear ya singin’ along on the chorus at the next show!