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Tune in to Jimmy Baldwin TV on Youtube for music, vlogs, and cruel pranks on unsuspecting band members.  

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Welcome to the Official Jimmy Baldwin Website

Welcome to the Official Jimmy Baldwin website! This is your one stop for all things JB: the debut album "Changing Time", live performances (that would likely include "Changing Time"), music (yep, that's what "Changing Time" is), video (probably of "Changing Time"), pics (studio shots of the making of "Changing Time" anyone?), blogs (about "Changing Time"), links (to things more or less directly related to "Changing Time") etc...and don't forget the album to be released this summer "Changing Time"!

Hi everybody! Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far and enjoying the sunshine. Here’s a live version of “Big Eyes” that was shot at the beautiful St James Hall earlier this year when we released the album (see the ‘Music’ page to get your copy!). It features a rather sweaty and slightly-out-of-breath version of Jimmy but that’s how we keep it real! (hey, I work hard and this one was late in the set 😉 Huge thanks go […]

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I thought I’d include a link here to a ‘success story-type’ profile that VCC did about little ol’ me a couple of months back. I was honoured that they chose to feature me for one of these as I hold the program (which really means the faculty) there near and dear to my heart. I have many great memories of the time I spent there and it has played a major role in where I am today. In fact, I […]

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Being that this is my first blog post on my brand spankin’ new website, I feel like it ought to be a bit of introduction and a briefing as to what’s going on here. A couple of years ago I put a band together that included some of the best musicians I know. They also happen to be some of my best friends. We have way too much fun together (this is overwhelmingly evident in every performance we do). I […]

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